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Chapter Six: Conclusion

Scully No sooner had the trial ended than Scully rose and left the stage. He hurried backstage to the dressing room he had been using for the duration of the trial and changing out of his judge’s attire, he quickly washed and changed into his street clothes. Scully left the Imperial Duatian Hall by a staff exit and hopped into the self-drive car he had instructed his valet to have waiting. Scully drove directly to Adhara Academy where he showed his Blessed Ancestor’s pass and was admitted to the grounds. Usually, classes would have been over for the day, but Scully knew that Bishop’s trial meant that all the students would have been in their classrooms watching the proceedings instead of taking lessons. Given the explosive and sometimes vulgar revelations that had been made, the teachers would probably have felt the need to put everything into context and explain what it all meant, particularly to the younger students. In short, his grandson would still be in the building. Scully aligh


In addition to the short stories found on this website, Adhara Space Station also includes two novella length stories which are available as ebooks on Amazon.

A year ago The ASS Rip was reported as destroyed with all hands aboard. Now The Rip's Captain has been found alive, but what happened to him and where's the rest of the crew?

Adhara Space Station is the continuation of "Better Off Dead" (even though it was written first)

Welcome To The Alliance, December 2018
When Zebedee wakes up in an unknown time and place he finds out the Earth has been destroyed and the remnants of humanity now live on a distant moon called Gaia. What will happen to Zebedee and his family in the strange new environment?

(additional novellas are in the works)


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