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The Fugly Girl Incident: Chapter Five

  Chapter Five: Verdict “Have you reached a conclusion?” Scully asked, the tiny figurine in his judge’s wig swaying to-and-fro as he turned to look at the jury who had just returned. It had taken the twelve teenagers almost two hours to reach a decision. The majority of the time had been spent gossiping about the revelations they had heard. “What conclusion have you come to in reference to Prince Moonstone?” Scully asked looking at the foreperson, Marke, Prince of Limbo. “We’ve concluded that Bishop is innocent of the accusation that he insulted Lady Primrose, your honour,” Marke replied, confirming Scully’s private prediction. “We believe that Prince Moonstone was simply agreeing with Lady Primrose in accordance with his grandmother’s instructions.” “Thank you,” Scully said, making a note. “And what of Lady Primrose? What conclusion have to come to regarding her?” Marke hesitated for a moment looking at the other members of the jury before he replied. “We have concluded that she is gu


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There will be no sleep for security chief Roxy when an Alliance royal has illegal cosmetic surgery hoping to woo the love of her life.

When Bettoore is called into Admiral Snowman's office he thinks he is about to be informed of his promotion to Captain. Instead he's going to have to babysit his alcoholic uncle and the reputation of their homeworld is at stake.

Got You Gatsby
A diary containing a scandalous secret goes missing but who took it?

When a homeless man wins the lottery his family move to the elite Adhara Space Station with plans of reaching the top.

Quinn and The Quasars
After a stellar performance to end their Alliance wide tour, Quinn and the Quasars are shocked to discover that the band's frontwoman, Princess Quinn is on the hook for murder.
Quinn's first run in with the law.

Robo Bastard
When Prince Forget-Me-Not has an state of the art android illegally built not even the engineer he employed knows what the Prince's devious intentions for the mechanical man are.

When Ade-Kazam buys a gourmet sausage he has no idea that he's about to bite off more than he can chew.

The Fugly Girl Incident
A girl says she's ugly, a prince refuses to object.

The Hefty Mermaid
When a mermaid princess finds an incriminating tape of her sister-in-law she reaches out to a family friend for help, but before she realises it a silly mistake causes events to take a turn for the worse.

The Ice Diamond Collective
Ophedian is having lunch with his cousin Serpentine when he receives a mysterious message from an unknown identification code.

Lady Leydon reveals her sordid past.

Ella Henhex sets out for an end of year party at a friend's palace but when she fails to meet her younger cousin at the appointed time, all anyone can ask is, "What Happened to Ella?"


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