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The Fugly Girl Incident: Chapter Four Part Two

  The Truth Scully glared at Lorraine with displeasure but before he could reply Queen Pearl said, “I have no objection to answering any of the young lady’s questions.” Scully turned to look at the former Gondorian Queen in the witness box next to him. The queen had a serene look on her face as she smiled at Lorraine and for the first time Scully realised that he was no longer in control of the situation. He had no idea where this would end and that was never a good thing but there was now no reason to reject Lorraine’s rude demands to question the queen. Turning back to Lorraine he said, “Very well, please continue.” “Thank you, your honour,” Lorraine said dismissively as she focused her attention on the current object of her rage, Queen Pearl. Strolling up to the witness box so that she was only inches away from the tiny Gondorian, Lorraine said, “I would like to thank your majesty for giving me the opportunity to defend my client by asking you a few simple questions.” Queen Pearl sm

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