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The Fugly Girl Incident: Chapter Four Part One

  Chapter Four: The Truth “I call Branwen Spinx, Princess of Sanguin, Duat to the witness box,” Lorraine announced with a smile. She had saved Primrose’s cousin Branwen for last because she knew that the girl had no choice but to back up her cousin’s story whether it was true or not. The other witnesses had been just as hopeless as she had expected them to be, and Sandwich’s cross examination had been devastating but Lorraine hoped that she would be able to turn things around with Branwen. As the princess made her way to the witness box, Lorraine noticed that Scully was looking vaguely in her direction. I’ll get you for this, you nosy old man, she thought making sure to keep her expression passive. At the same moment Scully’s eyes focused and Lorraine thought she saw the corners of his mouth curl upwards into a smile. Was the old demon laughing at her? “Miss Leydon, would you please begin putting your questions to the witness?” with displeasure at having

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