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Quinn and The Quasars: Chapter Twelve (Finale)

Read from the Beginning:  Chapter One Read Previous Chapter:  Chapter Eleven “Before we can get to the death of Tigre Stripes, we need to go back in time to the confrontation between Mr Stripes and Quinn at the Meet and Greet on Cygni last year,” Roxy began. The schoolgirl was standing in the centre of the reception room with her best friends Duchess and Rina. The unconscious Mr Lee had been propped up on a couch whilst everyone else expect Ms Kim had quickly hurried to find a seat eager to hear the evidence the girls claimed to have. The Tokkian woman was still standing uncomfortably in front of the desk where Junn was seated from where she looked angrily at her husband. When Ran had dragged him out of the room, she had assumed that the Niflheimer had beaten him up or killed him for his insolence but apart from the fact that he was unconscious, her husband seemed to be completely unharmed. Why he was unconscious however was another question. “We know that Quinn threatene

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