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The Adhara Academy Chronicles 2

  Lorraine Leydon was the first person in the long illustrious history of the Academy to ever be removed as the Student Council President for any reason other than ill health or injury, and whilst her removal was just another of the many things Lorraine was fated to be remembered in history for, it created an issue for the other students. After the victory party at Rumpton Court Palace, Ta-Shra arrived back at the dormitory apartment she shared with Lorraine in the early hours of the morning. She had driven back to the school in one of Adhara’s self-driving cars with her brother and their friends, before parting company with them in the hall and heading off to her dormitory to make some pretence of going to sleep. Ta-Shra hadn’t expected to find Lorraine at home. Despite what Tiger-Lily had said about Lorraine being expelled, Ta-Shra couldn’t bring herself to believe the process had been that quick and thus had assumed Lorraine would either be in the hospital having her wrists healed o

Where I've Been and What's Next?

 As any of the silent readers of this blog may note, I haven't made a post for nearly two years. 


In August 2021, I fell ill with Covid. Then over the next year and a half or more, I got it again and again and again. I was fully vaccinated.

After several bouts of Covid induced chest infections, coughing up blood and serious illness in my immediate family, I wasn't quite in the right place mentally to get back to writing the kind of comedic stories I like to post here, though I was still well enough to somehow write a few other books in collaboration with my sister, they certainly weren't comedies. All three were written in 2022 or finished very early this year (23) and the fourth book which I've been working on alone is still in the works, 45,000 words down and I hope not too many more to go. 

I've also been editing and updating my previously published ebooks.

Links to where these book are available for sale will be provided in the books section in due course.

As to where I'm going with the overall blog from now on, well instead of my haphazard short stories I'm going to go in the direction I had intended before my illness. I will be creating serialised fiction which will continue from where I left off two years ago with, 'The Fugly Girl Incident'. The new series will be called, 'The Adhara Academy Chronicles' and will follow the protagonists of the 'Fugly Girl Incident' from immediately afterwards. 

I'm trying to do more of a webnovel type work so the "chapters" or rather segments will be much shorter and I hope this will mean that I can produce them more regularly. Hopefully at weekly intervals or maybe more often when I'm less busy.

Any feedback that readers have in regard to my stories, be that negative or positive feedback is greatly appreciated. I see the traffic that comes to the site but if no one says anything, I don't really know what people think. I write the stories for my own amusement and I do hope other people like them too but if I don't know one way or another, I have no impetous to publish my stories online. The same of course goes for any creator. It's the feedback of the reader, viewer, player and so on, that is the most valuable and inspiration to us, at least in my opinion.


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