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The Fugly Girl Incident: Chapter Five

  Chapter Five: Verdict “Have you reached a conclusion?” Scully asked, the tiny figurine in his judge’s wig swaying to-and-fro as he turned to look at the jury who had just returned. It had taken the twelve teenagers almost two hours to reach a decision. The majority of the time had been spent gossiping about the revelations they had heard. “What conclusion have you come to in reference to Prince Moonstone?” Scully asked looking at the foreperson, Marke, Prince of Limbo. “We’ve concluded that Bishop is innocent of the accusation that he insulted Lady Primrose, your honour,” Marke replied, confirming Scully’s private prediction. “We believe that Prince Moonstone was simply agreeing with Lady Primrose in accordance with his grandmother’s instructions.” “Thank you,” Scully said, making a note. “And what of Lady Primrose? What conclusion have to come to regarding her?” Marke hesitated for a moment looking at the other members of the jury before he replied. “We have concluded that she is gu


For several years my sister and I have been working on a series of short stories and novels under the title "Adhara Space Station". I've tried posting my work to websites like wattpad, webnovel, tumblr, steemit and even youtube, but for some reason none of these were a particularly good fit for me and I always became disillusioned and gave up.

Now I've decided to try again and stick to it this time.

Being somewhat scatterbrained and irresolute has always been a problem for me. It's hard for me to concentrate on one thing at a time so I hope that this new blog will help me to get my ideas and creations out there so that others can have a chance to enjoy them.

I intend to post entire short stories of around 3000 words each to this blog on what I really hope will be a regular basis. First I'll repost the stories I have published on other sites and then I will start posting the new ones.

I think the difference that will make me really stick to it this time is the quantity of material I have already created for Adhara Academy Station. As of today, Thursday 26th December 2019, I have created at least 400 pieces of visual art and written several stories so I have more than enough to be getting on with. 

I hope that this blog will serve as a source of entertainment for others. I write Adhara Space Station as sort of an escape from reality to keep my spirits up in bleak times but I hope that other people will enjoy the stories too.


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