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The Fugly Girl Incident: Chapter Five

  Chapter Five: Verdict “Have you reached a conclusion?” Scully asked, the tiny figurine in his judge’s wig swaying to-and-fro as he turned to look at the jury who had just returned. It had taken the twelve teenagers almost two hours to reach a decision. The majority of the time had been spent gossiping about the revelations they had heard. “What conclusion have you come to in reference to Prince Moonstone?” Scully asked looking at the foreperson, Marke, Prince of Limbo. “We’ve concluded that Bishop is innocent of the accusation that he insulted Lady Primrose, your honour,” Marke replied, confirming Scully’s private prediction. “We believe that Prince Moonstone was simply agreeing with Lady Primrose in accordance with his grandmother’s instructions.” “Thank you,” Scully said, making a note. “And what of Lady Primrose? What conclusion have to come to regarding her?” Marke hesitated for a moment looking at the other members of the jury before he replied. “We have concluded that she is gu

Beauty Bills

This is an abandoned story that I tried to present in a comic format. In the end this proved too difficult because I'm not good at drawing so I was never satisfied with the look (hence the slightly different styles on each page) and it was incredibly time consuming for something I wasn't pleased with.

The characters are Prince William of Varuna and Hapi and a patient of his.
William or "Bill" was originally an OC created by my sister for her Monster High fanart. William or "Bill" was one of the first characters to transition to the Adhara.

I was writing this story to show what a horrible prat Bill is but as I said, it became abandoned. I decided to post these four pages because I didn't want the story to be lost forever since I did spend time working on it.


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