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The Fugly Girl Incident: Chapter Five

  Chapter Five: Verdict “Have you reached a conclusion?” Scully asked, the tiny figurine in his judge’s wig swaying to-and-fro as he turned to look at the jury who had just returned. It had taken the twelve teenagers almost two hours to reach a decision. The majority of the time had been spent gossiping about the revelations they had heard. “What conclusion have you come to in reference to Prince Moonstone?” Scully asked looking at the foreperson, Marke, Prince of Limbo. “We’ve concluded that Bishop is innocent of the accusation that he insulted Lady Primrose, your honour,” Marke replied, confirming Scully’s private prediction. “We believe that Prince Moonstone was simply agreeing with Lady Primrose in accordance with his grandmother’s instructions.” “Thank you,” Scully said, making a note. “And what of Lady Primrose? What conclusion have to come to regarding her?” Marke hesitated for a moment looking at the other members of the jury before he replied. “We have concluded that she is gu

Update: November 2020

When I'm not working on stories (with limited success), I'm working with my sister to design and redesign characters. I'm also trying to get around to illustrating all of the hundreds of characters that my sister and I have created to populate our fictional world. 

77 Adhara Space Station Portraits

This image shows 79 original characters concept art either portraited for the first time or redesigned. There are actually only about 77 characters because three of them are the same person in different make-up. 

Marlia, an intersex Empyreanite make-artist and student.

This is a continuation of the 300 shown on the About Page.

The characters presented here range from those who have appeared in stories such as:

Adekazam, Greta and Morgana

Adekazam, Greta and Morgana are characters who first appeared in the story "Sausages".

Bruno, Leonardo, Constantina and Fuzzipaws

Bruno was the protagonist of "What Happened to Ella" alongside his best friend Leonardo and nanny-bots Constantina and Fuzzipaws.

Tigre Stripes

Tigre is the murder victim of the serialised story, "Quinn and The Quasars" which unfortunately I'm having trouble concentrating on.

Other characters will appear in upcoming stories and novels.


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